Introducing The HandyGrip!

The new, easy way to lift and carry heavy sheet materials, doors or worktops without snapping your back or begging a friend for help.

HandyGrip creates a sturdy handle, letting you carry panels at your side safely and easily without twisting, bending or straining your back.

Grip. Lift. Carry.
It's that easy!

No more bending over in awkward, dangerous positions or waking up with aches, pains or even serious injuries.

It makes heavy panels feel light and easy to carry, making it perfect for trips to the hardware store, using at home or on the job site.

Let HandyGrip do the heavy lifting
and save your back!

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Why didn't I think of this!?! 🙌 I tried it on 10 foot, 1/2" drywall panels and it let me lift and carry them EASILY! This thing is definitely a back-saver and I feel like an idiot not getting one sooner! It’s sooo much faster and I don’t get tired. 💪 Also no more damaged corners from losing my grip. I will NEVER move another piece of sheetrock or plywood without it!"

Daniel H.

Franklin, Tenessee

"I am a woman that loves DIY (I know lol) but I also have a bad back and wrist so carrying heavy sheets of melamine or plywood is out. 😫 But this lets me lift with my whole body in a much more comfortable position. 🙏 Yesterday I carried 6 sheets of 3/4 oak ply and 13 sheets of 5/8 melamine with no joint pain at all! ❤️ I gave the second one to my hubby."

Janine L.

Brooklyn, New York

"I'm no youngster anymore but this made moving full sheets of 3/4" plywood around the shop easy. 👍 Yesterday I was able pull heavy 3/4 inch thick 16 foot long sheets of MDF around with no problem! Definitely takes the struggle out of it and my body doesn’t hurt the next day. 😊 I even take it to the store and lumber yard with me now so consider me a fan!"

Steve H.

Austin, Texas

Here's Why HandyGrip Is So Popular...

Unlike ordinary carriers, HandyGrip clamps the top of the sheet, so you don’t need to bend over or stoop down.

This takes all the pressure off your back, shoulders, neck and fingers, making injuries a thing of the past.

Saving thousands in medical
bills and missed work.

Now you can whip sheets out the bin or storage rack, up ladders or down stairs in seconds and with ease.

Perfect for handling large, heavy panels of plywood, drywall, particle board, melamine, MDF or even glass.

NOTE: Today only we’re giving you 2 HandyGrips for 75% OFF! So that’s 2 HandyGrips for just $129 - a truly unbeatable deal since quality, premium-made tools like these cost well over $200 EACH!

HandyGrip Features:

  • Easy-Lift - No more awkwardly bending over, sliding your fingers underneath panels or carrying them at a back-snapping angle. With the panel secured at your shoulder you can lift with your legs instead of putting all the pressure on your back - the number one cause of back injuries. You can even move the gripper a few inches to create the perfect angle for tackling stairs.
  • Smart-Clamp - This new technology automatically adjusts to panels from 1/2" to 1-1/8" (enough for most panels and doors) and handles up to 100 pounds in weight. The heavier the material the stronger it grips and it only releases once you lower it to the ground to prevent accidents. This is how it enables even petite women carry as much as the big guys. Just clamp and go with no adjustment needed.
  • Comfy-Carry - HandyGrip allows you to keep your back and legs straight with the panel hanging comfortably by your side. This lets you walk normally without strain and no panel blocking your view (unlike the old “Crane-N-Stoop” method).
  • Lasts a Lifetime - Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum it’s rugged, virtually indestructible and can carry up to 100 pounds. Something you can throw around in the truck and rest assured it will still be around for your grandkids to use one day.
  • Hand-Friendly - With all the panel’s weight in your palm it feels far lighter with zero strain on your fingers. Plus the Soft-Grip cushioned handle distributes the weight softly and evenly throughout your hand for total comfort. And best of all? No more splinters, cuts or gloves.
  • Multi-Grip - Our proprietary ultra-grip pad material adapts to the material placed inside it, ensuring a strong, slip-free hold (even on melamine). Plus it’s wide, even distribution of pressure ensures there’s no damage, marks or imprints left behind.
  • Saves Money - Not only will HandyGrip prevent expensive trips to the Chiropractor and wastage from materials from being damaged, it also saves you hours per day carrying panels the old way. It might just be the best investment a construction worker, woodworker or DIY addict can make.
  • Works With Anything - Although HandyGrip is great for wood panels, it’s talents don’t end there. Expect flawless performance with drywall, MDF, particle board, acrylic, aluminum composite, metal sheets, glass, plywood, PVC, melamine, signs, mats and many other materials that are too large, heavy or awkward to carry alone.
NOTE: HandyGrip is the perfect gift for dad, a DIY enthusiast, carpenter, drywall installer, handyman or contractor, working equally well on the job or at the store.

What's included: You will receive 2X HandyGrips, Instruction Manual, 3-Year Warranty and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Work smart not hard.

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Guarantee: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with your HandyGrips, or don’t find it to be the easiest, most comfortable way to carry large, heavy panels, return them to us within 30 days for a full, prompt refund. No questions asked!

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